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"I would highly recommend Tim's friendly and professional approach, he has a way of making you feel completely at ease. He continues to keep me mobile and relatively free from pain and offers by far the best in terms of effective treatment that I have ever experienced."

Jan Stock , Nanny , Maidstone 11 October 2014

"I had a problem with my left knee and was due to go on a walking weekend, I contacted Tim to arrange an appointment and he managed to work on my knee and get me walking without any pain. He also advised me on different exercises and warm up routines before my walks. I have since been back for check ups and work on my knee and lower back just to keep me walking pain free. I also often receive e-mails with tips and advise which I find very helpful. I would recommend Tim and also like to pass on my thanks for the treatment given. "

Jason Lyndon , Telecoms Engineer , Gillingham 10 October 2014

"I visit Tim's clinic every couple of months to alleviate my back and hip problems. Tim is an extremely skilled osteopath, who has also, on occasion, successfully performed acupuncture on me to ease my pain. He has a professional and caring manner. I feel completely at ease during my sessions and know that he will respond to my questions or concerns about my health with helpful advise and suggestions. I am glad my GP recommended him to me, as it is rare these days to feel that you are being treated by someone who is fully aware of your medical history, takes the time to listen and talk things through and who actually cares about you. Thank you, Tim! "

Lesley McGinty , Learning Support Assistant 5 October 2014

"I discovered Tim a few years ago now. I suffer with Scoliosis which is curvature of the spine so every now and again when I suffer with pain in my lower back I go to Tim to be freed up and it works everytime. Yesterday I went to see Tim because I was having pain in my hips and knees and thought that my hips were on their way out. Thankfully Tim reassured me and confirmed I had tweaked my hamstrings due to taking up cycling and doing too much too soon. Although that sounds bad enough I am so glad it is not my hips. Tim is very reassuring and knows his stuff very well. He is not full of waffle he gets right down to the problem. He doesn't try and guess he states exactly what is going on in the body. So reassuring. I would recommend Tim to anyone who is having problems. You wont be disappointed."

Gay Sharman , Administration Superviser 3 October 2014

"I have a slipped disc and suffer with this on a regular basis. I used to go to a chiropractor who never helped so I was really glad when I found Tim. He always manages to get my back working again, he always tells the truth about how good/bad it is and he books the appointments that you need so you never feel like he's 'after your money'. He helped me through my pregnancy and afterwards, when my back was particularly painful. And he's lovely to chat to!"

Holley Hunt , Headteacher , Rainham 3 October 2014

"I went to see Tim with a frozen shoulder which was extremely stiff and painful. His treatment and advice have given me a rapid improvement, I don't need someone to help me put my coat on now! Thank you Tim for your excellent service and for the exercises you emailed me."

Jane Seal , Rainham 2 October 2014

"I went to Tim on recommendation. In my early 70's and semi retired I developed lower back pain. The GP gave me some muscle relaxant pills which did nothing. After two treatments with Tim, my lower back was back to normal and I shall definitely go back to maintain the improvement. And Tim is such a nice guy!!"

Rodney Tolhurst , Company Chairman , Lenham 2 October 2014

"Tim works wonders on my aging body. I know that I will get an appointment quickly whenever my neck and shoulders or back and buttocks go into spasm. Quality of life has certainly improved. Thanks Tim"

Ann-Marie Hayward , Retired , Allington 2 October 2014

"I have to say big thank you to Mr Tim Wood, he is diligent at his work, taking great care of patients, responding and advising in urgent situations, always happy to help - I can now work and relax without back pain or headache, I'm very greatful I've chosen Tim Wood Heathcare - thank you Tim"

Sylwia , Director , Maidstone 1 October 2014

"I suffered from back pain following a career change. Tim was able to ease the discomfort straight away at my first visit, and he provided me with some home exercises. My back pain is now much more managable and I only need to visit him infrequently. I would certainly recommend Tim to other back/joint sufferers."

Jane Smyth , Company Director , Maidstone 1 October 2014

"I visit Tim every four months for a tune up. He keeps me mobile and sorts out any little problems on the way. "

Anna Low , Retired , Hempstead 1 October 2014

"I first saw Tim when I was pregnant with my first child. Over the course of the final three months he improved my back pain and I was really pleased with the treatment and his advice. Now pregnant again, I think I may be heading back again soon!"

Rosy Yandle , Transport Manager , Maidstone 1 October 2014

"Superb treatment plan and well explained. I can thoroughly recommend Tim Wood"

Phil Dainesi , Bookseller , Rainham 1 October 2014

"Tim has such empathy & understanding. He provides a professional service which is second to none."

Miriam Bunting , Home help , GILLINGHAM 1 October 2014

"Have been seeing Tim for two years now, and my life has improved so much with his help, I would highly recommend him."

Reg Morris , Retired , Allington 1 October 2014

"Being a gardener, I suffer every day from one pain or another. I visit Tim regularly to put my body right. He's always friendly and very knowledgable in his field. I will continue to use Tim's expertise in the future"

Austin Yexley , Gardener , Hempstead 1 October 2014

"My family has used Tim's osteopathy services over 3 to 4 years for a few long term discomfort related conditions and for help when we have injured ourselves e.g. skiing. His manner is very approachable and projects a calm and safe environment. He is discrete, in that only clothes that must be removed are (cf. European School for Osteopathy where bra and knickers is the standard for a woman). Each visit he ensures that you are well informed as to what can be done, what possible negatives outcomes could occur and how best to limit those outcomes if they occur. In truth, we have rarely suffered any negative consequences. All treatments have results in a clear benefit anywhere from straight away ( tennis elbow and back spasm) to within a day or so - neck issues. So treatments that I can claim success for are neck, tennis elbow, knee and back muscle spasms. I have no issue recommending Tim's services to others as being friendly, reliable and professional. Finally, he tries his hardest to fit you in at time of need including some out of working hours appointments."

Clare , Quality System Manager , Rainham 1 October 2014

"When I first went to see Tim in the summer of 2014, I'd had my first serious back issue which was so painful I could not stand up straight. This was on a Friday - by the Sunday the improvement was incredible, so much so I was able work in the Garden. Since then I see Tim every 3-4 months and my back condition is very much under control. Delighted to recommend his services."

Ian Burman , Sales Director , Maidstone 1 October 2014

"I first attended Tim's clinic with severe back pain and the treatment I received immediately improved matters. I now visit Tim regularly and the excellent treatment I have received and advice for exercises has kept my back problem under control and Tim has also helped with foot, knee and shoulder pain I have encountered. I have no hesitation in recommending Tim to anyone who may be suffering."

Maureen , Admin Assistant , Rainham 1 October 2014

"I had been having alot of lower back pain after the birth of my Son, I only went to see Tim twice but since then i have noticed a significant Improvement and can not thank him enough. I have recommended him to anyone who needs to see an Osteopath."

Emma Kisser , Office Administrator , Wigmore 1 October 2014

"Tim Wood has helped to massively reduce my migraine headaches! With his expert professional care, gentle understanding and thorough approach, he has managed to relieve the symptoms that seemed to be the root cause of my migraines. His work on my back and neck has made a huge difference to my general well-being. He explains clearly what he is doing, and offers excellent practical advice and exercises to do at home. With acupuncture treatment Tim has also relieved the pain and swelling of arthritis in one of my fingers, which as a keyboard player, was a considerable problem. Tim is an excellent Osteopath. I have already recommended him to friends, and will continue to do so, I cannot praise him highly enough!"

David Jonathan , Teacher , Chatham 19 September 2014

"I visit Tim 3 times a year for an MOT on my back. I have been doing this for the past three years after suffering severe pain whilst being to energetic digging on my allotment. Since having regular treatment I have had no further problems. Tim is always highly professional, gives excellent advice and I would highly recommend him to anyone ."

Ken Sexton , Retired , Gillingham 19 September 2014

"Tim basically made the second half of my pregnancy comfortable. Two sessions and I was completely 'cured'. Great service."

Aimee Banks 19 September 2014

"I have had a neck and shoulder injury which has been bugging me for years and I had been taking ibuprofen practically every day just to stop the pain. After a few visits to Tim and by doing the simple daily exercises, the neck and should feels much better, the amount of pills I take has decreased rapidly and certainly an improvement to my life. I now visit him every 8 weeks for a treatment and to see how everything is going. I would recommend Tim without hesitation."

Ed Firmin , Letting agent 19 September 2014

"Tim came to my rescue after I had spent Christmas 2013 laid up with a bad back which he quickly diagnosed and provided the appropriate treatment and exercises. Since then, regular monthly visits have kept all my aches and pains at bay or under control through my efforts to get fit. Sound advice and very professional."

Kevin Butterill , Gillingham 19 September 2014

"I have visited Tim this summer after a couple of falls from my horse. He has been excellent on providing me with the care I needed to get up and running again. After every visit I felt immensely better. Professional, courteous and friendly. Highly recommended."

Jayne Pellatt , Recruitment - London 19 September 2014

"Great treatment from Tim Wood, in only a couple of sessions I was back to normal, and I know what to do to prevent the issues coming back. I would definitely recommend"

Emily Holland , Solicitor , Maidstone 19 September 2014

"I presented with acute lower back and hip pain. Tim took a full history and following a thorough examination I underwent a course of treatment together with exercises to do at home. The treatment programme was effective and has improved my flexibility and mobility. Pain and discomfort is much reduced. An excellent outcome. At each session Tim has been supportive and professional. Tim was recommended to me by 3 friends, and it took some time before I made an appointment, I wish I had gone sooner. I recommend Tim if anyone is considering seeing an Osteopath."

Robert Baker , St Mary's Island 19 September 2014

"I needed help to sort out a problem with my neck. Tim was very understanding and patient. He has worked on this over the last few weeks and the symptoms have improved beyond my expectations. I feel confident when Tim I s working on my neck and very relaxed. The exercises that I have been given to do have definitely helped me to improve my symptoms at home as well."

Yvonee , Maidstone 16 September 2014

"I had a painful right shoulder when I attended the clinic. The symptoms have eased off as it was very painful and restricting my daily activities, but since the treatments, the pain has completely gone. Excellent service, clean and tidy facilities, nice friendly osteopath. Highly recommended."

Sally , Gillingham 16 September 2014

"Osteopathy gets to the root of the matter."

Rosemary , Gillingham 16 September 2014

"Although an active person, I was suffering with upper back/neck stiffness which was causing headaches. Since receiving treatment the stiffness has eased and the headaches cured. The clinic is very clean and very convenient with ample parking."

Paul , Gillingham 16 September 2014

"After the first session it was so much better and I was surprised that it wasn’t painful. The benefits to me were that it worked so quickly and it has carried on working."

Geraldine , Rainham 16 September 2014

"I first visited Tim when my back went into spasm and I need some fairly urgent treatment to help relieve the pain. Since that time Tim has helped keep me mobilised through a fairly traumatic hip replacement operation and is now helping me through the recuperation process. I value Tim's honest and no-nonsense approach to treatment and the time he has taken to explain to a lay person (me!) how my body is reacting and different treatments and why. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Tim to anyone who needs this type of help/support. Thanks Tim."

Carol Ward , Fundraiser , Gillingham 13 April 2014