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Osteopathy Treatment and Rehabilitation Clinic

Tim Wood Healthcare, is situated in the modern settings of 94 Woodside and 21 Warden Close, both with off road parking for your convenience.


Clinics in both Gillingham and Maidstone

Our clinic are located in  Gillingham and in Maidstone but also serve Rainham and the Medway area. At our clinics you will receive the highest quality of osteopathic treatment along with any needed rehabilitation exercises or advice in order to recover as quickly as possible from the pain that you are in.

We take pride in providing the most honest advice and information so that you will be able to fully understand why you are in pain so that hopefully We will be able to prevent any reoccurrence in the future.

Please take your time to explore the website for any information that you might require. Please also, have a look at the testimonial page to see how other people have felt after being treated at Tim Wood Healthcare.

Should you require any advice or have any further questions then please call me and We will take the time to give you the best advice possible about your specific situation.