Alix Bliss M.Ost

GOSC Registered Osteopath.
Available at the Rainham clinic.

Alix qualified as an Osteopath from the British school of osteopathy in 2020. During her time there, she worked in numerous specialist clinics seeing a vast amount of patients. She also specialised in chronic pain patients, nutrition and functional treatment and rehab methods during her degree. Through this extensive training, Alix has acquired the latest and most up-to-date evidence based skills and knowledge.

Prior to qualifying, Alix was also working as a sports massage therapist and at a local rugby club. 

Since qualifying, Alix has continued to develop her skills by undertaking an acupuncture course which will be completed this year. 

Alix enjoys being an osteopath and loves being able to look at each patient as an individual and tailoring treatment to their specific needs. Alix thoroughly enjoys helping patients overcome their pain and regain confidence through a combination of education, hands on treatments and stretches/ exercises. 

In her spare time, Alix enjoys being active and used to be a member of her local swimming and synchronised swimming team. Now a days, you’re likely to find her at a local nature walk with her pet dog.

Like all registered osteopaths at the clinic, Alix is a highly trained healthcare professional, with expertise in the musculoskeletal system. As a result, she is able to help with issues including back, neck, joint or arthritic pains, sciatica, headaches and more. 

Alix Bliss - Osteopath

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