Charlotte Wood M.Ost D.O

GOSC Registered Osteopath Available at the Wigmore Clinic

Charlotte is another Osteopath at the practice who qualified 4 years ago, but she is also our resident Pilates instructor. She loves the combination of the two things together as a way to provide patients with long term holistic solutions for recurring problems. Charlotte has a passion for helping those who love to be fit and active stay that way. She works with sports injuries and athletes, as well as teenagers who are having sports related problems and babies who are unsettled and struggling to feed. 

She loves sport and exercise and can be found swimming, running and of course, doing and teaching Pilates and when she’s not doing that or at work, she can be found out with her Chocolate Lab, Milo. 

Charlotte’s other qualifications include:

– Western medical acupuncture 2016

– Itec level 3 sports massage 2014

– Clinical Pilates instructor 2019

– Ante/post natal Pilates instructor 2020

Like all osteopaths at the clinic, Charlotte is a highly trained healthcare professional, with expertise in the musculoskeletal system and so is able to help with issues including back, neck, joint or arthritic pains, sciatica, headaches and more.