Foot Health

Gemma GeakeFoot Health Practitioner

Gemma Geake (DipFH, MCFHP, MAFHP), a qualified Foot Health Practitioner with a Diploma in Foot Health from the SMAE Institute.




What can be treated

As a foot health practitioner Gemma attends to all the common conditions that affect the leg and foot, including;

• Routine care of nails.
• Treatment of verrucae, corns, callus.
• Diabetic foot care.
• Functional problems of the leg and foot.
• Toenail problems, such as thickened toenails, fungal nail infections or ingrown toenails.
• Athlete's foot.
• Dry and cracked heels.
• Ageing feet.

Gemma is trained to recognise and advise on foot and leg conditions, treat appropriately and refer when necessary. She has lots of experience working with people of all ages in her clinics, including work in nursing homes.

Foot healthA Fully Qualified Foot Health Professional

To become qualified in Foot Health Professional, practitioners must acquire an in-depth knowledge of the anatomy of the foot and all foot conditions.  The course also involves clinical hours where students treat members of the public.  They have continual assessments throughout the course and must be able to deal with patients efficiently and be able to use equipment properly. 

Gemma is a member of the college of foot health practitioners (MCFHP) and a member of the association of foot health practitioners (MAFHP).


What to expect

Foot health

Medical Case History

It is important that Gemma carries out a medical case history on the initial consultation, to understand if there are any previous foot conditions, allergies, illnesses that affect the feet, or if the patients are on any particular medication that could affect treatment or products used in treatment. 

Examination and Diagnosis

After examining the feet, Gemma will explain what the diagnosis is, and which form of treatment, if any, would be appropriate.  She will explain what she will do in the treatment and what products will be using.


Gemma treats in a very gentle manner and will explain what she is doing throughout.

Any products used within the treatment will be made available to purchase after the consultation, should she suggest it needs further treatment between sessions.

To book in to see how Gemma can help keep your feet happy and healthy, then please call the Wigmore clinic on 01634 420046.

Gemma will be running clinics on Friday mornings from the Wigmore clinic.