Tim Wood BSc HONS Osteopathy

BA HONS Sports Science & Business Studies
GOSC Registered Osteopath.
Available at both Maidstone and Rainham clinics.

Tim qualified in 2007 and is an Osteopath in Maidstone & Rainham. He first experienced Osteopathy as a teenager and then again while he was completing his first Degree in Sports Science which helped him realise this was the path he wanted to follow. As a result, Tim started his practice in doctor’s surgeries and then opened his own premises a few years later. He is proud to have built a team of passionate, dedicated and caring colleagues who all have the same drive to offer outstanding treatments that meets the needs of the individual patient.

Tim is hugely passionate about osteopathy and the benefits it can give. Above all, he loves to see the smile’s return to people’s faces once he has helped reduce their pain. Through many years working as an Osteopath in Maidstone & Rainham he has treated thousands of people. Moreover, he has received hundreds of 5-star reviews!

 When Tim isn’t at work, he likes to play golf, but a new baby and a dog means that doesn’t happen as much as he likes. He also loves black coffee; lots and lots of coffee! 

Tim’s other qualifications include;

  • Medical Acupuncture

Tim works as an Osteopath in Maidstone & Rainham.

Like all registered Maidstone osteopaths at the clinic, Tim is a highly trained healthcare professional, with expertise in the musculoskeletal system and so is able to help with issues including back, neck, joint or arthritic pains, sciatica, headaches and more. 

Tim Wood - Maidstone Osteopath. Rainham Osteopath

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