What Can Osteopaths Treat?

What osteopaths can treat


The most common conditions that osteopaths treat are:


Back and neck pain

Lower back pain is probably the most common complaint that osteopathy is used to treat. There are many different causes of the lower back pain, whether it’s from sports injuries, postural problems or from overstretching in the garden or at work.

Neck pain is probably the second most common complaint. The neck is quite a vulnerable region due to its extreme ranges of motion and forces that it is subjected to.

Shoulder and arm problems

The shoulder usually succumbs to injury as there is such a fine balance in this area between strength and mobility. Due to the variety of different forces and movements that we put through our shoulders on a daily basis, it is easy to see why the joint can become injured. Such injuries include; tendonitis, tennis & golfers elbow, RSI and muscular strains.

Pelvis, hip and leg problems

As already stated, this area is very prone to wear and tear due to the weight-bearing forces that these areas are subjected to. This region of the body can also be prone to injury due to problems within the mechanics of the feet, such as 'flat feet'. The pelvis, hip and leg regions are very complex and this means that many different types of injuries can affect these areas.

Pain associated with sciatica

Symptoms of sciatica are a very commonly treated at the clinic. This is usually caused by two main problems. 1. Nerve irritation in the lumbar spine or 2. Muscular tension in the muscles in the buttock region. Regardless which of these is the cause, osteopathy has proven benefit and the symptoms can usually be alleviated.

Pain associated with arthritis

Most commonly, this is due to Osteoarthritis (wear and tear). This usually affects weight bearing joints such as the knees, hips, lower back and neck. But as it is due to wear and tear, it can affect any joint in the body.

Sports and other injuries

Any exercise will tend to highlight any weakness within the body and make that area more likely to fatigue and then cause symptoms. Generally, gentle, regular exercise is vitally important for the body to function normally, however; too much or too little may cause problems. Common injuries seen are; tendonitis, muscular strains / tears and ligament sprains.

Muscle, tendon and joint based pain

As you can see from above, we are all individuals and all lead very different lives which leads to different body parts being subjected to different forces. Unfortunately, these forces can eventually take their toll and lead to the area becoming fatigued and symptomatic.


Headaches are very commonly treated by osteopath's and the most common headaches that are successfully treated are those that arise from the neck. Nerves and blood vessels at the base of the skull commonly become impinged due to an increased muscular tension which can then give rise to cervicogenic (neck related) headaches.


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