A tailor-made solution to your back pain

Back Pain
Suffering with back pain? No problem! Osteopaths provide a tailored experince to get to the bottom of your problem.

The Current Problem

Nowadays, the internet is like a first responder to any new and painful medical condition, including muscular and joint pain. By simply typing into a search engine “Back pain” or “Neck pain,” you will discover an endless abundance of advice and resources. “5 possible causes of lower back pain”, “6 ways to cure back pain”, or “Osteo treatment for back and neck pain”. The truth is, following this kind of one size fits all advice may help some people, some of the time, and only for some types of back or neck pain. Ultimately, a tailor-made solution, which is personalized to you, is always the best option. In this blog, I’ll explain how we, as Osteopaths in Rainham and Maidstone, tailor our treatment and advice to help you manage and recover from your lower back pain.  

The Experience With Us

Just like the saying, ‘No two people are the same,’ no two Backs are the same either. To fully understand what is going on with your spine, your Osteopath takes a comprehensive case history. First, an in-depth analysis of the main issue is discussed with your osteo. For example, asking you about the type of pain you have, whether it shoots into your leg, radiates up to cause neck pain, or is sharp when you twist, allows us to work out precisely where the problem is.  After, we will review all of the previous injuries and trauma your body may have sustained throughout your lifetime. It is so important to get a full picture of all of the stresses and strains your body may have suffered.  

Once all the questions have been asked and we have a complete history, we move on to the examination process. Generally speaking, the examination has two main goals. This first is to identify what is causing you the pain in your lower back. The second is to assess the whole spine and your overall posture. We have this fully holistic approach because areas further away from the location of your pain can contribute to the issue, and will often need addressing. Once we have completed the examination, we will then inform you of our diagnosis before commencing any treatment.   

So let us pause here. An extensive case history, thorough Osteopathic examination, and an informed diagnosis are all that you can expect from your first session! So no need to trail through the internet to find your answers. Now that you are equipped with the knowledge of what is going on in your lower back, we then move onto the tailor-made treatment plan.  

Our Peronalised Approach

Once the diagnosis has been discussed with you in your first session, we will explain potential treatment options. Osteopathy offers an incredible scope of possible manual techniques that are used to improve your mobility, reduce pain, get your joints and muscles working better, and make you feel you again! Some of these treatments may involve adjustments of the spine, stretching of the muscles, and mobilizing joints. Because the treatment is tailored to you, our sessions may vary from person to person and from appointment to appointment.  

The personalised approach doesn’t stop there. After your treatment, your Osteopath may suggest some specific exercises to help you maintain the benefits of your treatment and improve the function and strength of your joints and muscles between sessions. Rehabilitation must be tailored to you to avoid further injury and to allow you to recover from your pain as swiftly as possible. So if your Osteopath gives you homework to do between sessions, please try your best to follow this advice. Thankfully, we now can email your exercise homework to you, so you can’t say the dog ate it! 

And on a final note, there is a common misconception that Osteopaths only treat back pain. This is definitely not true. The approach outlined above is not only for those struggling with lower back pain. We follow this in-depth, personalized process for all types of injuries. So the next time you have knee, shoulder, or neck pain, muscle aches or nerve pain, don’t diagnose yourself over the internet. See an Osteopath! 

If you would like to see one of our expert osteopaths in Rainham or Maidstone then you can book online by clicking here.

All of our Osteopaths are registered and regulated by the General Osteopathic Council. So you are safe in our hands!

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