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Osteopaths are highly trained and skilled medical practitioners. As such, we always have a plan in place to get you out of pain quickly!

Osteopaths Have A Plan That Works.

If you are in pain and thinking that you need to get it sorted and make positive changes to your well-being, you are not alone. Those who seek help from an Osteopath are often ready to make some positive changes in their health. For many people being in pain is the first sign that things have to change. Whether it’s back or neck pain, muscle aches, sore joints, or a trapped nerve, Osteopathy can be part of the solution. A plan is made between you and your Osteopath to help you achieve the future health goals you want. This blog will explain a typical method that we often follow with treatment Osteopaths Plan throughout the first few sessions and beyond.     

Session One.

If you haven’t read our earlier blog on “A Tailor-Made Solution to Your Back Pain, I invite you to read through this as it outlines the entire process of your first appointment at our Rainham and Maidstone clinics. From extensive history taking to examination and diagnosis, session one is all about working out the cause of the problem, understanding your health goals and getting you started on the road to recovery.  

The First Few.

During the first two to three sessions, your Osteopath will focus their treatment on reducing your pain and try to safely encourage movement in the areas of your body that are restricted. In addition, they will advise you on the correct type of exercise relevant personally to you and offer some pain management advice. Generally, these first 3 sessions are usually spaced 4 to 7 days apart. Having sessions organized in this way ensures that we help get you out of pain as soon as possible while appreciating that healing time is needed too. Just like you would have a couple of rest days between the gym, your body needs some time between sessions so to allow your body to rest.  

Almost There.

Often by sessions 3 to 4, we will be starting to see a significant reduction in pain and more movement occurring in the area that was the problem. We will now be looking more at the entire body and overall posture. When you are in pain for some time, other areas of your body can tighten due to postural compensations. It is, therefore, crucial to address any issues that have come up secondary to the initial problem. You might also still be a bit worried about the area and avoid specific movements because of fear that it might hurt. Here we can safely encourage you with the correct exercises to reassure you with your movements and get you to trust your body again. We may suggest following the medium-term plan up to sessions 5 – 6.  

To Infinity And Beyond!

We are here for you. Osteopathy is not just for when you are in pain. Here at the Rainham clinic, we strongly feel that prevention is better than cure and Osteopathy can be a part of that. By the 6th session or sooner, the problem is usually much better and the question is, what next? Many of our patients are amazed at the results of their treatment and decide to return for regular visits spaced at every four, six, eight, or even twelve weeks. We call this maintenance care, and the treatments are often whole-body focussed and aim to loosen off all of your joints, helping you to feel generally amazing! Of course, this will always be discussed with you, and the benefits will be pointed out, but it is still fine to come in on an as and when basis if you feel that’s better for you.  

Some very important points 

  1. It’s important to remember that we will always involve you in your care. Any decisions made about how best to approach the treatment plan will always be discussed with you. 
  2. The number of sessions outlined above is related to typical issues that we see. Sometimes people may take longer to respond to treatment, and sometimes people are better in just one session.  
  3. Ask as many questions as you can. If you have any questions for us about the treatment or exercises, please ask. You are a part of this whole process, and if you have specific health goals you want to achieve, tell us, and we will try our hardest to help get you there! 

If you’re ready to start on your road to recovery then book in to see one of the experienced Osteopaths at our Rainham or Maidstone clinics. Book easily online at Book Appointment .

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